TATA Ready Bulid - Products

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Every product carries with it the signature quality assurance you expect from TATA


We are dedicated towards aligning your goals with our highest quality and sustainable construction products.

Cut & Bend Rebars

Customizing rebars in various shapes by cutting and bending them at required angles, as per project specification.


Faster procurement of Rebars

Easy Inventory Management

Greater BBS Detailing

Consistent and Improved Quality

Minimize wastage and eliminate scrap disposal


Made from superior EN8D Steel, Tiscon ReadyBuild couplers are available in SKUs of 16mm to 40mm.


Reduce Rebar usage

Reduce congestion

Higher structural integrity

Faster construction

Easier future installations

Welded Wire Mesh

Smartfab, India's first branded welded wire fabric(wwf) is the latest inclusion to our downstream portfolio. The cold-worked, ribbed, electrically fused wire fabric is used for concrete reinforcement. Our solutions help you optimize still usage and save time and costs.


Faster Construction

Reduce Labour, efforts, and costs

Better quality assurance

Reduce material costs

Easy site management


TiscoBuild Green Construction Blocks are a sustainable replacement of Red Clay bricks. They are made using superior autoclaving technology giving these blocks superior quality over traditional bricks.


Guaranteed Strength

Best in-class Thermal insulation

Precise dimension & Smooth finish

Termite & pest resistance

2X Fire resistance

No water curing

Build Smart, Build Safe

Every ReadyBuild solution unleashes a smart route of constructing your design from a vision to reality and incorporates every possible safety measure in the process

Faster Construction

Different dia of rebars are managed by tata Steel’s internal procurement at ReadyBuild Centres. Customer gets only reday-to-use steel as per BBS.

Reduce labour cost

Ready-to-use products do not need cutting and bending on-site thus reducing the require labour force

Reduce material cost

An optimized production process ensures minimal wastage and eliminates scrap disposal

Assured Quality

Rebars are accurately measured and cut by a shearing machine, giving it a clean finish. Bending of rebars and their angles are controlled by a bending machine

Easy Management

Inventory and overall process is managed by Tata Steel and finished products are delivered at site for easy management.